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Furnishing is our passion

For over 50 years Moletta Mobili has been producing prestigious classic furniture and furnishings. An artisan company that skillfully combines the typical Italian taste and style with the art of woodworking, thus creating high-level products.

Elegant furniture in classic style that reflects the hottest trends in the 18th and 19th centuries, are presented with soft and refined lines, cared for at every stage of the processing entirely performed in the artisan workshop of Rosà, a town in the northern Vicenza famous for woodworking.

In recent years, the classic style is combined with a more modern style, in step with the times and close to the needs of our customers.

  • 50 years of experience

  • Artisan company that combines style and woodworking

  • Classic style

  • Modern style

  • Internal production


Our roots stem from a distant past

'800 - The beginnings


The history of the Moletta furniture factory starts in the 1800s, when the current owner's great-grandfather opened a carpentry shop and specialized in making barrels, cart wheels, fixtures and the first furniture. His simple workshop was the reference point for the town: Vittorio was the trusted carpenter to turn to for every need.

1969 - The foundation


From a simple workshop, the studio has grown over the years to the founding of the Moletta Furniture company, which took place over 40 years ago. Production has shifted to the interior furnishing sector and the first classic collections were born. Master craftsmen put into practice the knowledge left by tradition to create unique pieces of furniture.

1980  - More advanced technology


Over the years artisan techniques have been joined by technology, with the introduction of advanced machines, but, above all, with a new and constant updating of the production system. The application of the industrial concept to the craft sector has refined production but has not changed the taste and style that makes a Moletta furniture unique.

2011  - Ecological vision

Moletta Mobili, ever more attentive to issues related to the environment, produces the electricity that their production facilities need since 2011. This investment in the production of electricity from renewable sources will allow the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere, helping to improve the quality of the environment in which the company operates.



What we do, how we work


The quality of the wood and the care of its craftsmanship are key elements that distinguish the company from the others, and that over the years have made us acquire reliability and esteem from customers. The wealth of experience we have behind us allows us to enhance the value of a raw and precious raw material such as wood in elegant and innovative design solutions. The passion and love for what we do adds value to pieces of furniture that craftsmanship makes unique.


One of the aspects that gives added value to our company is constant quality control. This way, we can always guarantee products where attention to detail is visible at first glance.

All the production phases of our furniture, from design to polishing, are carried out within our company by a highly qualified staff.

Each of the phases is oriented towards a single objective: creating a high-level furniture both in structure and in finishes.


We constantly think about creating furniture in harmony with the needs of those who will use them and thinking to satisfy the most varied tastes. By producing everything internally we guarantee the customer a service that makes the difference in the furnishing sector: tailor-made. In addition to making completely custom-made furniture and furnishings, we adapt the finishes and sizes of the furniture in our collections to customer requirements. Your home reflects your soul and the furniture is the soul of a home.


"Every piece that leaves our company is the result of the passion and love that we put into our work every day. It is often difficult for me to sit and direct the company; I personally follow the entire production process because, as my father taught me, I want our furniture to be precise in every detail. The greatest pleasure is to find in the customer the satisfaction that leads him to return over time".



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