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Designing new products


When designing a new product, the study of the lines and the wood is preceded by an inspiration deriving from the observation of what is around us, of the landscape that surrounds us, from the objects that are part of our daily life. We aim to maintain a bond with what has shaped our history.

Fundamental to the creation of a new product is also the will to satisfy people's needs.

The goal of Moletta Mobili is to create furniture that reflects the beauty and elegance of a product studied and cared for in every detail.

Space for your design


The house is a place that must be an expression of your being: Moletta Mobili leaves room for the creativity of its customers, giving them the opportunity to become protagonists of the design process so that they can choose finishes and aesthetic details.

Furthermore, based on the sizes and layout of the rooms, we study furnishing solutions for maximum space optimization.

We create custom and personalized furniture, always following one of our dogmas: quality and precision.

Choice of wood


We use different wood finishes, each of which enhances the furnishing elements, enriched by particular inlays and carvings. The use of top-quality solid wood ensures tangible quality and durability over the years.


Plating and veneer

The different types of wood are chosen and combined to create new masterpieces that only master craftsmen, with a solid experience behind them, can work with.

Moletta Mobili loves to create furniture where every process of the manufacturing creates an added value to furnishing elements, in a way that will make our customers' home unique.

Cutting and CNC


Over the years, artisan techniques have been joined by technology, with the introduction of advanced machines, but above all with a new and constant updating of the production system.

The application of the industrial concept to the craft sector has refined production, but has not changed the taste and style that makes Moletta furniture unique.


The assembly phase is fundamental to verify that everything has been worked to perfection.

Assembly cards are elaborated with numbers affixed on every piece in a previous phase; this way, the final builder is also guided and facilitated.

Painting or lacquering


Each piece of furniture is polished in our company, using water and nitrocellulose dyes. The polishing process consists of a dozen steps in order to enhance the wood and ensure an excellent result. The finishes are customizable so the request for a lighter or darker color can be satisfied.




Hand-painted, the decorations on the drawers of the dresser or on the doors of the sideboards add valuable value to the furniture, rich in fine details, for a decor that makes you enjoy the craftsmanship from the first glance. The silver leaf and the gold leaf in the carvings complete the elegance of the lacquered furniture.



Variety of choice of fabrics, also on customer's request, to cover chairs, armchairs and backs of windows following your preferences. Quality of materials and precision in processing for results of tangible beauty.

Only top-quality fabrics are selected for a finished product that is treated in detail in its entirety.



The cast brass handles, worked and cared for in detail are chosen with the care of those who try to complete the circle of perfection with accessories that best enhance the wood and the shapes.

Any request for particular or sought-after handles can be satisfied thanks to the flexibility of an artisan company, the aim of with is to always to ensure a unique experience to its customer.

Quality control

Verify excellence

It is essential that every phase of manufacturing is taken care of, which is why we constantly make sure that the work is finished like a work of art.

Check finishes


Each processing step must be performed to perfection, so each product is carefully examined to ensure full customer satisfaction. The furniture that comes out of our furniture factory is finished to the smallest detail.


Assembly and delivery



Moletta Mobili has a large warehouse with products ready for delivery to satisfy requests as quickly as possible.



The hardware is carefully assembled before packing so that the final assembly work is facilitated.

Each phase is performed in our laboratory so that we never lose sight of quality.



Moletta furniture is carefully packed to ensure integrity during transport.


Customer support and warranty


Moletta Mobili is close to its customers even after the sale in order to make up for every need or particular request.

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